Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Great Way to Show You Care

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Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Great Way to Show You Care


Deserts like cakes and cookies are significant in all cultures worldwide. The said delicacies come in many different shapes and flavors, and probably the most popular in both kids and even adults are chocolate chip cookies. Though many commercially sold chocolate chip cookies are available, nothing beats the aroma and taste of home recipes. This is why many opt to add in their home meals a chocolate chip cookie recipe that the whole family would surely love.


Homemade Delicacies


Like any home-made cake recipes from scratch, using a chocolate chip cookie recipe gives it an advantage which is common on most taste of home recipes baked in kitchens worldwide. Your family would surely appreciate you more because of all the effort you put into creating such homemade delicacies than buying them commercially. Take pride while your love ones wait in anticipation while they smell your cookies or cake baking in the oven.


Personal Taste


Cookie and cake recipes from scratch exhume personal touch and love for family. What makes such home-made delicacies more extraordinary is that you can put your own twist in their creation. Most amazing and delicious cakes and cookies are not only created by known chefs. Often, home-made delicacies created with passion and love is more valued by love ones than commercial products.



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Dragan May 14, 2012 at 8:31 pm

My fiancee alywas has junk like that around, in huge quantities. I don’t have a taste for a lot of his junk food, but sometimes he’ll get something like one of those dark chocolate oranges you whack on the counter and it falls into perfect slices of evil. Ughhh. It is so hard to resist. Sometimes I’ll be brazen and attempt something stupid like telling myself I’ll just have a little taste. And sometimes I just sit there on the couch, like you are now, about to have an aneurysm over weighing the costs and benefits of a flipping cookie that everyone else seems to be able to enjoy without restraint, or guilt, or weight gain for that matter.Not really sure where I going with this Be strong!


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